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The Eighth Arab congress of Plant Protection

The eighth arab congress of plant protection will be organized by the arab society for plant protection in collaboration with the faculty of agriculture, omar al-mukhtar university and will be held in el-beida city, libya during the period october 12-16,2003, the congress will include symposia where internationally Known scientists will be invited to give presentation of general interest to plant protections. In addition, there will be paper presentation session where scientific Workers in plant protection in the arab countries may present and discuss their findings either as oral presentation or as posters.

The organizing committee

    The congress organizing committee is composed of :
  • Dr. Ibrahim m.el-ghariani{chaiman},
  • Dr. Ali Abd El-Kader bataw{secretary generl}, and Dr.Salem Omar El-ferjany,
  • Dr. El-Hashmi a.agleyo,
  • Dr. Omran Abu Salah Abugela,
  • Dr. Issa Ali Abu Gharsa
  • Dr. Mohamed Ali Saeed as members.

Congress language

Paper presentation session will be in Arabic as when over possible, whereas symposia presentation will be in English, as some of the symposia speak ers are from non-Arabic speaking countries.

Submission of papers

Deadline for submission of titles to the organizing committee is July 30,2002 The deadline for submitting abstracts will be announced in the second announcement, which will be distributed during September 2002 to only those who responded to the first announcement.

Congress program

  • Economic entomology and acarology .
  • Fungal bacterial and viral plant diseases.
  • Nematodes
  • Weeds
  • Pesticides
  • Biotechnology for pest control
  • Integrated pest management.
The program will also include one-day field trip to important agricultural regions of al-gabal al-akhdar

Correspondence and inquiries

Correspondence shoud be addressed to:
Dr. Ali A.Bataw
Omar al-Mukhtar university
P.o.box:919 El-Beida, Libya
Fax:++218 84 632236

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