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A CD on Locust Literature

Prifas (research unit of CIRAD, Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement), in collaboration with ISPI (International Society for Pest Information), GTZ (GermanTechnical Aid) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations), has edited recently a CD-ROM on plague locust and grasshopper, entitled "Locust Literature 2003". The aim of this CD is to provide scientists working on the management of locust and grasshopper pests access to relevant scientific literature. Specially those working in developping countries often have only limited possibilities for literature searches and for obtaining publications. It is hoped that this collection will promote and facilitate research on this important group of insect pests.

This CD was prepared with financial suppport by GTZ Locust and Grasshopper Project. This project operate within the framework of the FAO-EMPRES (Desert Locust) program and this CD is a contribution to EMPRES. The CD is published by ISPI and its realization was mainly made possible due to the rich documentary bases of Prifas, which comprises more than 10.000 references on locust and grasshopper.

This support comprises: a rich data base of more than 5.000 references on plague locust and grasshopper (with the summaries); a small basic library in acridology (275 full text articles on locust and grasshopper management and research, about 4500 printed pages, with search function); a locust and grasshopper encyclopaedia with general information on the locusts (classification, biology, ecology, behavior...) illustrated of photographs of the main species; a list of Internet sites of interest in acridology; a trilingual glossary (French, English and Arab) of the terms of acridology.

Moreover, it comprises the Sept. 2003 issue of the ISPI Pest Directory data base which contains addresses of scientists, organizations and companies, lists of pests and natural enemies and references to > 30.000 recent publications (about 50% with abstracts).

This CD can be ordered at the following address :
Reference :
Lecoq M., Wilps H., Zelasny B., 2003. Locust Literature 2003. Collection of locust literature with ISPI pest directory database (compiled 2003). International Society for Pest Information, Darmstadt, Germany. [CD-Rom] Contacts

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