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Dr. Maarouf Ibrahim Mohammed

  • Name: Maarouf Ibrahim Mohammed
  • Address: P O Box 30, Shambat Res. Station, Khartoum North, SUDAN.
  • Telephone: +249 85 313912
  • Fax: +249 85 310813
  • Mobile: +249918039324
  • E-mail: ibrahimarof@yahoo.com
Maarouf Ibrahim Mohammed, Sudan

  • Education
    1. B.Sc. Agriculture (Genetics) U. of Alex. 1978. (honor, v. good)
    2. M.Sc. Agriculture (Plant breeding) U. of K. 1988. Agronomic performance and genetic variability of some Venezuelan sorghum mutants and local sorghum cultivars
    3. Ph.D. Agriculture (Plant breeding) Breeding for hybrid forage sorghum In The Sudan U. of K. 2004.

  • Computer Knowledge
      Good Command of the following Statistical Applications
    1. GENSTAT for Windows Release 2006, (9th Edition)
    2. AGROBASE Gen II (2006) statistical package for Breeders and Agronomists
    3. MSTATC

  • Supervision (Post graduate)
    1. M.Sc. Level , Main supervisor, Design and Statistical analysis of field experiments. ?Muna Abdulla Mohammed. Sudan Academy of Science.
    2. Zinab Adam Zakaria. U. of Sudan. Fac. of Agric. Studies. Evaluation of different types of forage sorghums for agronomic and quality traits.

  • Ph.D. Level ,Co. supervisor, (on going)
    1. Mohammed Ismail. U. of K. Fac. of Agric. Combining ability and heterosis in forage sorghums.
    2. Fisal Suliman Haj Babikir. U. of Sudan. Fac. of Agric. Evaluation of different types of Rhodes Grass cultivars under Sudan conditions

  • Courses
    Conducted courses in experimental design and statistical analysis to Research Assistants and Technical staff of Shambat Research Station (2003)
  • Professional Experience
    2000-to date
    Plant Breeder, Shambat Research Station, Khartoum, SUDAN
    1. Active contribution in technology transfer of improved forage production package.
    2. Conducting pioneer breeding work to improve forage sorghums,
    3. development of male sterile genetic stocks,
    4. development of forage sorghum hybrids,

    Director, Federal Extension Department, Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry, SUDAN.
    1. Strengthening Research-Extension Linkage
    2. Developing of Technology Transfer Programs
    3. Supervision of Extension Departments at the States level

    Agro-Breeder & Head of Dongola Research Station (DRS), Northern State, SUDAN
    1. Establishment of DRS
    2. Implementing breeding and agronomic work on wheat, faba bean, lentils, sunflower, maize and sorghum in the frame work of IFAD and ICARDA Projects.
    3. Coordinator, IFAD-Research Component, Nile & Northern States Rehabilitation Project, SUDAN.

    Agro-breeder & Head of DRS (under establishment) Northern State, SUDAN.
    1. Conducting research work on wheat, faba bean and lentils
    2. Establishment of DRS, Coordination and liaison with concerned authorities
    3. Recruiting of technical and administrative staff
    4. Establishment of laboratories and Experimental Farm

    National Field Coordinator, Sudanese German Project for Vegetables and Fruits Production, Khartoum, SUDAN.
    • Planning, Coordinating and supervising of adaptive research conducted at the State level (Khartoum, Nile , Gezira, and Blue Nile States)

    FAO Experimental Fertilizer Program , Khartoum State, SUDAN.
    1. Planning, conducting and supervision of fertilizer demonstration trials.
    2. Dissemination of fertilizer knowledge among farmers.

    Extensionist, State of Southern DarFur , Jebel Marra, Zalingi, SUDAN
    • Conducting of extension programs at Zlanigi, Dankug, Nurtati, and Garsila districts

  • List of Research Work
  • Selection Within local Stocks
    1. Development of dual grain/forage Sorghum types 2000-2004
    2. Selection within local maize population 2001-2004
    3. Development of improved Sudan Grass types2002-2006
    4. Development of Ankolib types 2002-2006

  • Hybrid Development Program I (Exotic x Local Sorghum Hybrids)
    1. Exotic x Local Hybrid Shambat summer 2002
    2. Exotic x Local Hybrid Shambat winter 2002/2003
    3. Exotic x Local Hybrid Islang summer 2002
    4. Exotic x Local Hybrid Shambat summer 2003
    5. Exotic x Local Hybrid Islang summer 2003
    6. Exotic x Local Hybrid Shambat winter 2003/2004

  • Hybrid Development Program II "Local x Local Sorghum Hybrids" (on going)
    Developing of local females by male sterilizing local genetic stocks in A3 Cytoplasm 2001/l2002-2004
    Developing of Local x Local hybrids
    1. Local x local hybrid Nursery (Shambat 2005)
    2. Local x Local hybrids preliminary yield trial Shambat 2006
    3. Local x Local hybrids preliminary yield trial Hudieba 2006
    4. Local x Local hybrids advanced yield trial 2007 (on going)

  • Introductions
    1. Evaluation of CIMMYT Maize genotypes 2001/2002 Shambat
    2. Evaluation of CIMMYT Maize genotypes 2002/2003 Shambat
    3. Evaluation of CIMMYT Maize genotypes 2006 Shambat
    4. Evaluation of FRENTEC Maize Hybrids 2001/2002

  • Sweet Sorghum
    1. Sweet sorghum breeding nursery 2001/2002
    2. Sweet sorghum preliminary yield trial 2002 Shambat & Hudieba
    3. Sweet sorghum advanced yield trial 2002/2003-2003 Shambat
    4. Sweet sorghum advanced yield trial 2006 Shambat
    5. Sweet sorghum advanced yield trial 2006 Hudieba

  • Wheat
    1. Wheat variety trials 1992/93, 93/94, 94/95, 95/96, §*
    2. Wheat breeding for salinity tolerance 1994/95, 95/96
    3. Effect of wheat package on yield 90/91, 91/92, 92/93, 93/94, 94/95, 95/96§,
    4. Effect of weeding regimes on wheat yield 92/93, 93/94§*
    5. Wheat sowing date and birds damage assessment 93/94, 94/95
    6. Effect of NP fertilizer on wheat yield 1990/91§*
    7. Effect of nitrogen, seed rate and pre-watering on wheat yield 90/91
    8. Survey of weed in wheat in Dongola area 92/93§*
    9. Survey of wheat cultural practices in Dongola area 92/93§*

  • Faba Bean
    1. Faba bean variety trials 1991/92, 92/93, 93/94§*
    2. Effect of Faba bean package on yield 91/92, 94/95§*
    3. Effect of chemical herbicides on weed control in Faba bean 91/92§*
    4. Verification of chemical weed control in Faba bean 92/93, 94/95§*
    5. Survey on weed problem and usage in Faba bean 93/94§*

  • Others
    1. Sorghum variety trials 1994/95, 95/96
    2. Introduction of sunflower to Dongola area 95/96

  • Achievements
    Variety and genetic Stocks development
    1. Development of the first improved Sudan Grass 'Garawi' cultivar, Submitted for release in Sept. (2008)
    2. Development of the first improved Sweet sorghum 'Ankolib' forage cultivar, Submitted for release in Sept. (2008)
    3. Release of 'Kambal' the first Sudan Dual Grain/Forage cultivar (2004)
      Approved by the Variety Release Committee on its meeting dated 30/11/2004 Decision No. 6/1/2004 . Khartoum . SUDAN.
    4. Development of the first Sudan male sterile sorghum genetic Stocks (2004)
      This pioneer work was highly appreciated by the Variety Release Committee on its meeting No 1 dated 30/11/2004.
    5. Release of wheat genotypes : El Nelain, Sham 4 and Sham 6 for normal and stressed conditions of Northern Sudan.
      In Collaboration with other scientists (1997) Variety Release Committee. Khartoum . SUDAN.
    6. Release of 'Safed Moti' a Grain Sorghum x Sudan Grass hybrid (2003)
      In Collaboration with other scientists Variety Release Committee. Khartoum . SUDAN.

  • Improved Technologies
    1. Recommendation of the herbicide Pursuit alone or in tank mixture with Stomp or Goal for weed control in Faba bean in Northern Sudan
      In Collaboration with other scientists. Pests and Disease Committee. Khartoum . SUDAN. (1996).
    2. Recommendation of the herbicide Pursuit in tank mixture with Stomp to be used for weed control in lentil in Northern Sudan.
      In Collaboration with other scientists. Pests and Disease Committee. Khartoum . SUDAN. (1996).

  • Contribution To Agric. Research Development
    1. Establishment of Dongola Research Station (DRS) 1990-1996 Establishment of (DRS) is one of our major assignments. This included laboratory and office equipments, Experimental Farm, coordination and liaison with concerned authorities, recruiting of administrative and technical staff. Funds were made available by IFAD loan to Sudan Government at a total cost of $ 1.3 million.
    2. Establishment of Meroi Tissue Culture laboratory (TCL) 1994-96 I raised the proposal for establishing this laboratory in the Central Coordination Committee of the Northern State Rehabilitation Project, in its meeting held on Oct 1994 in capacity as ARC representative. I contributed in preparing the appraisal study and following up of the establishment process. Costs of establishment were provided by IFAD loan to the government of Sudan at a total value of $ 373000

  • Technical Studies
    1. Special Program for food security (SPFS) in Khor Abu Habil, Lower Atbara River, and West Odurman areas. FAO/Lybia Project. (2000) I contributed as an Agronomist in the preparing the technical study of the above project as joint national -member of the FAO/Libya mission that fielded the project area from 20/Oct. to 4/Nov. 2000. The aspects covered by the study included:

      Intensification of crop production systems
      Diversifications of production
      Water control management
      Constraints analysis
    2. Technical Study on Sustainability of El-Nihud Cooperative Credit Project Services (1998) El-Nihud, Western Kurdofan State.
      I contributed as a team member representing the Federal Ministry of Agriculture. The study focused on the organizational setup of the project, farmers group to ensure farmers' guided services, Projects assets and securing of the revolving funds.
    3. A Study on Technical and Economic Feasibility for Micro-propagation of Date Palm Plantlets and Fruit Trees. (1994). Merowi, Northern State.
      The objectives were to alleviate problems pertaining to the deteriorating date palm culture in the State by making use of tissue culture techniques to propagate healthy and high quality date palm plantlets

  • Seminars and Workshops
    1. Arab Symposium on Agric. Development, Algeria. 1-3 Dec. 1997, Algeria. Sponsored by the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development
    2. ICRISAT, (International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics), India 4-28 Jan. 1997, Hyderabad. Scientific visit, Sorghum Improvement Program, sponsored by IFAD.
    3. ACSAD, ( Arab Centre for Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands), Syria. 18 March - 4 April 1995, Damascus. Scientific visit to Wheat Improvement Program. IFAD funded.
    4. ILCA, (International Livestock Centre for Africa), Ethiopia. 21-29 July 1993, Addis Ababa. Scientific writing and seminar presentation. ICARDA ILCA sponsored.
    5. EICA, (Egypt International Centre for Agriculture). Egypt 5-30 August 1992, Cairo. Scientific visit to Giza Agric. Research Centre. IFAD funded.
    6. NVRP/ICARDA Traveling Workshop, Ethiopia. 18-24 Oct. 1991. Ethiopia. Touring research activities of the NVRP/ICARDA Program. NVRP funded
    7. ICARDA (International Centre for Agric Research in Dry Areas) Syria. 13/5-12/6 1991, Aleppo. Scientific visit to FLIP (Food Legumes Research Program). NVRP sponsored.
    8. GTZ Egyptian Project. Egypt 10-24/3 1990, Egypt. Study tour, GTZ funded
    9. FAI (Fertilizer Association of India) India 15/3-10/4 1982, New Delhi. Attending the 26th FAI Seminar on Fertilizer Promotion. Touring the FAI activities. FAO sponsored.

  • Membership of Committees
    1. Member, Central Coordination Committee (C.C.C.) of the Northern State Agricultural Rehabilitation Project (ARC representative). Ministry of Federal Agriculture. Khartoum. (1992-1996)
    2. Member, Administration Council, Faculty of Agriculture Dongola University, (1994-1996)
    3. Member, Board of Directories, Bustan Al Shimal Seed Increase Company (State Company). Northern State, Ministry of Agriculture, (ARC representative, 1994-1996)
    4. Member, Agricultural Book Committee, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Khartoum, (1998-99)
    5. Member, Committee of Agricultural Publications, Administration of Extension and Agricultural Technology, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Khartoum (2002-2004)
    6. Member of Alfalfa and Maize production Seed Committee. Ministry of Agriculture, Khartoum State. Sudan. July 2007 to date
    7. Member of Alfalfa Forage Production Project Committee. Ministry of Agriculture, Khartoum State. Sudan. July 2007 to date

  • Publications
    1. Mohammed, Maarouf I. and Nuha H. Talib (2008). Heterosis and combining ability for quality traits in forage sorghum. Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences. 2(1): 99-104.
    2. Mohammed, Maarouf I. Gamal E. Khalifa Ghada H. Abdulrahman and Mohammed I. Elmahi (2008). Improvement of the traditional forage sorghum cultivar 'Abu Sab'in' . Sudan J. Agric. Res. 11, 25-32.
    3. Mohammed, Maarouf I. (2007). Potential of locally developed forage sorghum hybrids in the Sudan. Scientific Research and Essay Vol. 2 (8), pp. 330-337.
    4. Mohammed, Maarouf I. (2004). Development of male sterile forage sorghum genetic stocks in A3 cytoplasm . Sudan J. Agric. Res. 4. 89-92
    5. Mohammed, Maarouf I. (2009). Line x tester analysis across environments in Sudanese x exotic lines of forage sorghum. Sudan J. Agric. Res. In press.
    6. Mohamed, E.S., and Maarouf I. Mohammed (1994). Chemical weed control in lentilin Sudan. International Symposium on Pulses Research. P3. 4-6. New Delhi.
    7. Mohamed, E.S., A. H.Nourai, G.E. Mohamed, Maarouf I. Mohamed, A.T. Ahmed and M. C. Saxena (1997). Weeds and weed management in irrigated lentil in Northern Sudan. Weed Research. 37, 211-218
    8. Mohamed, E.S., A.G.T. Babikir, M.E.K. Ali, A.T. Ahmed, G.E. Mohamed and Maarouf I. Mohamed (2004). Chemical weed control in Faba bean in Northern Sudan. Sudan J. Agric. Res .
    9. ElAhmadi, A. B., M. A. M. Khair, and Maarouf I. Mohammed (2003). Comparative Performance of " Safed Moti" A Grain Sorghum X Sudan Grass Hybrid from India. Variety Release Committee. Khartoum.
    10. Sheikh Mohamed, A. I., J. E. Mohamed and Maarouf I. Mohammed (1998). Evaluation of Bread-Wheat genotypes under semi-arid tropical conditions of Northern Sudan. Rachis 17 (1&2).
    11. Mohammed, Maarouf I. (1997). Agricultural extension in the Sudan : The present situation and its role in enhancement of agricultural development (in Arabic). A country paper presented in the Arabic Symposium on Agricultural Extension and its Role in Agricultural Development. Arab Organization for Agricultural Development. Algeria.

  • A number of research studies were published in ICARDA Documents
    1. Doc. No 017 90/91 NVRP/ ICARDA/ARC. Sudan
    2. Doc. No 025 91/92 NVRP/ ICARDA/ARC. Sudan
    3. Doc. No 032 92/93 NVRP/ ICARDA/ARC. Sudan

New Publications
The Arab Scientists in Cooperation with The High Institute of Marine Research. Publish all the researches abstracts, which presented in The Regional Workshop on Marine Sciences and Natural Resources, Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria, 25-26 May 2004.

New Publications
The Arab Scientists in Cooperation with The Egyptian Society for Biological Control of Pests . Publish all the researches abstracts, which presented in The First Arab Conference of Applied Biological Pest Control, Cairo, Egypt, 5-7 April 2004.

Conferences, Fez
The First International Symposium on Environnement protection for development Biotechnological aspects. Fez, December
15 – 17, 2004.

Conferences, Syria
The Second Syrian-Egyptian conference in the Agriculture and Food. Agriculture Faculty, Al-Baath university, Homs, Syria. 25-28 April, 05

Current Status of Plant Protection in Yemen and Future Strategy. Faculty of Agriculture, Sana'a University, Sana'a, yemen. December 18-20/2004

Conferences Canada
The 9th International Conference of the Orthopterists’ Society Canada, on August 14 19, 2005

Conferences, Egypt
The First Arab Conference on Applications of Biological Control of Pests in Arab Countries

New Workshop Middle-East Academy for Medicine of Ageing First Annual Middle-East Age & Aging Meeting 8-11 April, 2004

Arab Society for Plant Protection (ASPP) in Cooperation with The Arab Scientists
Publish all the researches abstracts, which presented in the Eighth Arab Congress of Plant Protection, held in Faculty of Agriculture, Omar Al-Mukhtar University, El-beida City, Libya, October 12-16,2003

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